Sometimes injured workers find themselves in a situation where they have to cover some initial medical cost out of their own pocket. In the event of this situation, a question arises: Can expenses covered by injured employees out-of-pocket be reimbursed by the DOL?

The short answer is, “yes.” According to the DOL website, these expenses are recoverable by employees. In order to recover out-of-pocket expenses, an employee may “request reimbursement by submitting to OWCP a completed HCFA-1500, American Medical Association Standard Health Insurance Claim Form (or OWCP-1500) signed by the provider and itemized bills showing that the employee has paid the bill.”

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In the event that receipts are unavailable to substantiate payment, copies of cancelled checks are acceptable as long as they are accompanied by copies of itemized bills or some other method of substantiating charges for which payments were made.

So if you’ve had to cover certain medical procedures, appointments, or pharmaceutical costs out of pocket, there is a means by which you can recover those costs. Simply make sure that you keep good records of expenses that you’ve been charged and that you have paid in order to receive the compensation that you need.

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