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Filing Your OWCP Claim Correctly Is Very Important

If you file your OWCP claim incorrectly you could lose your benefits. This is not intended to shock or scare you, but, rather, help you understand how crucial it is to choose a treating doctor that knows what they are doing when it comes to dealing with the DOL-OWCP. Be sure to choose a doctor that knows which forms apply to your injury and needs to be able to provide the proper narratives so that you receive all the treatment you need. Our federal workers compensation doctors have that kind of experience and are not intimidated by the daunting task of handling an OWCP claim.


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    Common DOL-OWCP Forms

    Perhaps the most important things you can do if injured while working as a federal employee is to quickly find someone with experience who can help you file your OWCP claim correctly. This cannot be overstated. It is of the utmost importance because your compensation benefits depend on it. Again, if you file incorrectly you could miss out on benefits that should be yours according to FECA.

    Our DOL Doctors puts the patient’s needs first, even if the patient needs someone to take a lot of time to sit with them and work through the OWCP claim together. Our doctors value this type of time because we know how crucial the claim is to the injured federal worker and their family.

    OWCP Experience

    Our federal workers compensation doctors have the experience necessary to comprehensively help each injured federal employee with excellent care, psych testing, and expert claims assistance. Historically, patients who work with us to file their claim properly are far more likely to get the fullness of injury care and compensation benefits they deserve according to the FECA.

    Committed to Excellence

    We know that attention to detail and prompt follow up are important components to properly filing an OWCP claim, therefore our DOL doctors are committed to timeliness, professionalism, compliance with FECA, customer service, openness, and availability. To us, you’re not just a patient. You are part of the Calmare family.


    Our DOL Doctors take the opportunity to hear your concerns and address your particular needs. While we are dedicated to promptness and efficiency, we do not rush or cut corners in dealing with our patients and their claims. We believe that a time investment at the beginning of the process can save a lot of time for all parties involved down the road. Schedule a free consultation so that we can speak with you, learn all the details surrounding your OWCP claim, and take the appropriate steps to move forward in a way that keeps your best interest as the main thing.

    Being injured while working a federal job can be very difficult. Let the experienced team at Calmare Treatment Center help you get back on your feet. Contact us today and let our doctors provide you with patient care that will put your mind and body at ease.

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