Filing a Federal Workers’ Compensation (FECA) claim is a daunting task! There are so many bureaucratic hoops to jump through and missing one aspect of the claim could result in being denied some or all of what you may be eligible for. Finding a Department of Labor (DOL) physician will dramatically assist you through the process of filing your claim and receiving benefits for your injury. A work injury is difficult enough to endure on its own; it’s important you have some tools to help you through this already challenging experience.

Here are some tips to help you have a hassle-free FECA claim.

See a DOL Doctor Immediately

As soon as you experience a workplace injury or suspect you may have an occupational disease you incurred through work activities with the federal government, seek medical care with a DOL physician. Doctors who specialize in the Office of Workers’ Compensation (OWCP) claims are familiar with what you are going through. They understand how the process works, what documentation is required to support your claim, and the challenges you are enduring through this process. A DOL-OWCP physician is uniquely trained to help you not only heal from your injuries, but also make the claims process as uncomplicated as possible.

Many injured workers are unaware that they have the freedom to see any doctor of their choice and are not relegated to the physician recommended to them during the claims process. It is important that you see a doctor who is advocating for you!

Report the Injury or Occupational Disease to Your Employer

Whether you received a traumatic injury on the job or you are experiencing the effects of a disease you incurred as a result of your work for the federal government, file a claim with your employer and start the claims process. All medically documented injuries that occurred on the job are eligible for some compensation. The sooner you report your injury, the sooner you can begin receiving benefits from your claim. Some of these benefits include medical costs, travel reimbursement, and per diem stipends when your medical care requires overnight travel. Other benefits are given for permanent impairment, including occupational rehabilitation (i.e. tuition reimbursement) and compensation for permanent loss of function in a body part.

Contact a DOL-OWCP Physician to Help You

You are in pain and navigating the requirements of filing a federal workers’ compensation claim is overwhelming! It’s important to have someone advocating for you. We would love to help you navigate this process and make it as hassle-free as possible. You deserve someone to care for your needs first.

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