If you’ve suffered an injury on the job, it is possible that the injuries are severe enough that you may not fully recover to the capacity that you were at prior to the injury even after you have recovered and are stabilized. This is referred to as Maximum Medical Improvement. It means that the likelihood of any further improvement in function is unlikely and that you have reached the point of your full recovery. You may continue to receive additional medical treatment, therapy, or rehabilitation, but your recovery is most likely complete. This must be determined by your doctor or by an independent medical exam that has been confirmed by your doctor.

It’s important to understand that MMI is not related to and does not limit your ability to return to your job, but it does mean that you may experience a change in your capacity at your workplace.

What you should know, though, is that MMI can affect certain of your workers compensation benefits while allowing you access to certain others like rehabilitation services, reimbursement of lost wages, partial or total disability, legal settlement etc.

If your doctor has discussed your MMI, talk to your DOL representative for more information and find out what your options are.