If you are in Indiana and you find yourself working in an unsafe environment, figuring out what to do can be confusing. Fear of retribution or job loss has silenced many workers that found themselves in unsafe or downright dangerous conditions, but there’s good news. The Department of Labor provides protection for whistleblowers in the event that there is indeed any sort of retributive behavior on the part of an employer.

“As an employee, you have a responsibility to help maintain the safest possible working environment for yourself and your co-workers. This means taking the necessary steps to ensure that your employer is award of any unsafe working conditions and escalating those concerns if necessary when they are unmet. The DOL ensures that in that event, you will be protected.” – J. Jabeen, DO – Renew Medical Weight Loss

If you have raised awareness of unsafe working conditions at your workplace and feel like you have been the victim of retribution, you can contact the DOL to make them aware and file the necessary complaint and form. Those forms are available at Whistle Blower Protection. Don’t let fear of retribution force you to continue working in conditions that are unsafe to you or others. You can be sure that the provisions made by the DOL-OWCP will ensure you are not fired or face a wage diminishment as a result of your actions.