There are millions of federal employees. Any workforce with that kind of presence is bound to experience a wide variety of injuries and medical needs. In fact, there were over 170,000 injury cases among federal employees in 2016 alone.

With that many federal employees filing that many cases in a given year, it is important to utilize a doctor that is familiar with the filing and paperwork process for workers’ compensation cases for federal employees. What difference does it make?

First, the process can be confusing. There are numerous forms and reports that must be filed to ensure that injured workers get their claim approved so that they can begin receiving compensation. While some doctors are skilled physicians, the lack of familiarity with this process can lead to a denied claim.

Second, the process can be time consuming. If done improperly, the claims process can take longer than necessary. Federal employees who have suffered an injury need to get their claim processed in a timely manner and having a doctor familiar with the DOL claims process can make the difference.

Make sure you select a ACS DOL doctor that knows the process because it can make a big difference in making sure your claim is filed properly and timely.