DOL Doctors of Indiana prides itself on serving those who have been injured in the course of their work through a partnership with the federal Office of Workers’ Compensation Program. DOL Doctors would love to be your OWCP doctor in Indiana that treats your injuries and operates within the guidelines of the OWCP medical assistance office. There are several specific departments of the OWCP that serve employees that are either federally employed or federally protected.

If you work for any of these divisions and have suffered an injury during your workday or on your company property, contact our expert OWCP doctors in Indiana today! We would be happy to help you begin your path to restored health.

DFEC or the Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation

Employees of the federal government are entitled to medical assistance when they sustain injuries in the course of their time on the job. Our team of physicians will conduct a comprehensive medical screening to determine the exact nature of your injuries, and help you to construct a treatment plan that complies with the guidelines of the DFEC.

DEEOIC or the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation

The DEEOIC is a vital division of the OWCP that helps to serve those who work in the Energy field through federal programs and jobs. In recent news, we have seen that the DEEOIC has implemented new guidelines to support those who do some of the most dangerous federal work there is. Those who work in or around facilities that manage nuclear energy efforts are being more effectively treated and assisted for their job-related injuries. Toxic chemicals can have a lasting effect on your overall health, so if you are exposed to them during the course of your work, you should seek medical attention to begin the process of your workers’ compensation claim.

DLHWC or the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation

The DLHWC serves those who help to manage cargo between land and sea and defense workers who serve on bases that are beside the water. Those who work in these professions are offered medical assistance for their injuries or accidental death cases because of the vital service they work to provide for the citizens of our country. This work can present a certain level of danger to those who undertake it.

DCMWC or the Division of Coal Miner Workers’ Compensation

Coal Miners have long been understood to suffer for their career choice in relation to dangerous accidents, as well as the general unhealthy atmosphere of mines for the lungs and knee pain of those who work in them. If you have suffered due to your work in or around mines, contact our team to receive a diagnostic check-up to begin your healing journey.