It may come as a surprise to most that post-traumatic stress disorder is actually something that can be covered under an OWCP claim. The Office of Workers Compensation Programs helps to provide the necessary benefits to those who are injured as a result of the federal work they do. This office considers PTSD claims to be valid and covered as long as the individual suffering from it has sustained their trauma while performing their work. That sort of psychological injury can be just as painful and debilitating as a flesh wound, so it is treated similarly. If you live in the Indiana area and are suffering from federal work-related PTSD, contact the team at DOL Doctors in Indianapolis. We would love to be your OWCP doctors in Indiana.

How to go about treating PTSD with OWCP

The first step you will likely be advised to take is to locate and meet with a counselor or psychiatrist that will be appointed to you by the OWCP. They will help to assess the situation and determine potential ongoing treatment to address your PTSD. They will also help you to understand and complete the various forms that go along with this type of claim. An OWCP claim that stems from PTSD is referred to as a Stress Claim.

Next, you might be referred to a specialist who can work with you to treat your disorder through psychotherapy and various other forms of treatment and to help determine what your best next step might be in the way of returning to work or some other larger step. Sometimes, the individual suffering from PTSD finds that, with some assistance from a therapist or other doctor, they are able to return to their previous work with a new arsenal of tools with which to manage their trauma.

Others might need to be placed in a more suitable environment with their current department; this generally means one without the same stressors that caused their initial trauma. Finally, some individuals find that what would suit them best is to pursue what is called “federal disability retirement.” This means that they do not need to return to their work, unless they so choose. It is important that counsel is sought before making any of these impactful decisions.

How Your Team of Support Can Help

You should remember that, despite what you may be suffering, you are not alone in this task of healing. Your OWCP doctors in Indiana should be able to attend to any injury or trauma you have endured relative to your job. Your legal counsel can be certain that you have received a fair settlement pursuant to your trauma and pain. Don’t try to do this alone, but instead, contact your team of experts today!