Personal Injuries that cause you to file a workers’ compensation claim are likely considerable enough to entitle you to benefits from the OWCP, or the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. This division of the Department of Labor is the federal body responsible for the administration of benefits to those who have suffered in incidents that result in workers’ compensation filings.

The law that protects these entitlements is called the FECA, which stands for the Federal Employees Compensation Act. Under this legislation, individuals who are injured are allowed to receive compensation to address the aftermath of their injury. If an employee is killed a result of a workplace-related incident, this compensation may be directed to their dependents.

If you find yourself to be in a situation where you need help as a result of a workplace accident, contact the specialists at DOL Doctors of Indiana to find your OWCP doctor in Indiana. Having local support to answer your questions and provide comprehensive rehabilitative care is essential to bouncing back after a Workers’ Compensation Injury. Our team of doctors and medical staff can help you by developing a treatment plan with the added value of being designed by a team who has experience treating patients with OWCP claims open.

Under FECA, you are entitled to receive medical treatment to address your injuries, and you are even able to secure the care of your choice of doctor(s) and hospitals. Our team would love to be your choice for rehabilitation and personal injury treatment.

We might determine through diagnostic testing and our evaluations that your injuries will leave you temporarily disabled. That sort of diagnosis might normally feel like cause for concern, but your OWCP claim can help you secure the compensation you require to rest and recover away from work, just as the doctor orders.

It is our sincere hope that your personal injury accident has not left you with injuries that affect you permanently. In the unfortunate event that you are forever marked by your incident, our team can still provide expert physiotherapeutic care and rehabilitation for as long as we together determine that you require care. The OWCP connect team can work with you to provide for this level of care, should you need to take advantage of it.

Contact our physicians at DOL Doctors of Indiana to find your OWCP doctor in Indiana who can help walk you through this trying time.